Thunder Bay Walleye Club The Thunder Bay Walleye Club (TBWC) was established in 1990 to promote walleye fishing in this area and educate it's members on walleye fishing and resources. We immediately began assisting the MDNR with the operation of the James Farm Walleye Pond, which is our only supply of walleye fingerlings for the area. Click here to read how it started 25 years ago.

Thunder Bay Walleye Club merchandise -- We have hats,shirts and window decals available with the club logo Click here for more info.

Why join the Thunder Bay Walleye Club -- We hold monthly meetings where you will meet others like yourself who love to fish and you can exchange information on the latest hotspots or techniques. We also try to have speakers at our meetings to teach us a little more about the fisheries of the area, what to use and how to use it.

Monthly Newsletters Newsletters -- To keep you informed on what's going on inside the club. It will list the monthly dates and places for our meetings and tournaments. If you have an article for sale, we'll include it in the newsletter at no cost. Just contact one of the club officers who are listed in each issue.

Club Tournaments -- At the club tournaments, our members get a chance to compete in friendly competition. Throughout the year, records are kept for each tournament and at the end of the year, the fisherman with the highest number of points is named "Angler of the Year" at our annual banquet. The cost is small, they're fun, and most of all, it is the best teaching seminar you can attend.

Seminars -- Seminars are given whenever we can get professional fishermen in the area. We even have had opportunities to fish with some pros. Area MDNR representatives of the fisheries and law enforcement divisions keep you up to date on fish populations and new laws that will affect you. Also, you can discover new hotspots, new tackle, new techniques, and the most appropriate launch areas at all our meetings.

Rearing Ponds -- The James Farm Rearing Pond has become very important to the club as it is the only rearing pond in the area. We assist the MDNR with it's maintenance as well as the harvest and release of the walleye fingerlings into area waters. In 1992 we installed a permanent pumping station for the pond. We strongly believe this is the right track for improving the walleye fishing in the area waters.

Community Projects -- The TBWC assists the Brown Trout Festival with boat inspections for launch, weighing the fish and various other tasks. Over the past 3 years our projects have included: building a handicap accessible ramp for people to have access to the Thunder Bay River in Alpena, fish shelters on Hubbard Lake, dock enhancements at various locations, assisting with fish surveys on Grand Lake, etc.